Tweedle Yves and Tweedle Évens

Lawyer Yves-Marie Morissette and Dr. Évens Villeneuve

Lawyer Yves-Marie Morissette and Dr. Évens Villeneuve

Tweedle Yves and Tweedle Évens

Lawyer Yves-Marie Morissette on his own cannot declare people crazy.  Dr. Évens Villeneuve on his own knows no law. But, together, Yves supplies Évens with the alleged “symptoms” (alleged abusive litigation), and Évens obligingly declares Yves’s target litigants “crazy”. Even more fun, neither Yves nor Évens has ever met the litigants.

Today, almost all judges in Quebec have assumed a “power” to “declare” litigants “crazy” on the basis of a list of alleged symptoms; i.e., the way the litigant uses legal procedure in his own behalf.  A lawyer who uses procedure the same way in his client’s behalf will not be declared “crazy”.  Instead, the court will look to see if the lawyer’s “client” is “crazy” and blame the lawyer’s actions on the “crazy” client.  It is a rule of thumb in the Quebec legal system that lawyers who represent others are not to be declared “crazy”.

However, self-represented litigants are considered likely  to be crazy.  The litigants do not submit to psychiatric evaluation, and the judges have no psychiatric qualifications.  Nonetheless, the judges are handing down “judicial declarations of madness”, made publicly, published as jurisprudence, including online, announcing to the world that an unsuspecting litigant has been declared mentally ill by a judge (with no qualifications to do so).

Yves-Marie Morissette is the man who has introduced this policy into the Quebec legal system.  The ultimate aim of the policy is to eventually empower the judges to civilly arrest and forcibly drug litigants judicially declared “crazy”.

Lawyer Morissette has already chosen the drug to be used:  the same drug used by the Soviets for torturing political dissidents.  It has no curative properties, causes birth defects, and is used in wildlife-capture operations to stun large herds of animals for mass transport.  An ideal drug for mass-transit to the FEMA camps?

Welcome to Quebec.


Tweedle Yves et Tweedle Évens

Tout seul, l’avocat Yves-Marie Morissette ne peut pas déclarer quelqu’un fou. Tout seul, Dr. Évens Villeneuve n’a aucune connaissance en droit. Mais ensemble, Yves fournit à Évens les « symptômes » (abus de procédure allégué), et Évens déclare obligeamment les justiciables ciblés par Yves « fous ».  Bien plus amusant, ni Yves ni même pas Évens n’a jamais rencontré les justiciables.

Aujourd’hui, presque tous les juges au Québec ont assumé un « pouvoir » de « déclarer » des justiciables « fous » sur la base d’une liste de symptômes allégués ; c.-à-d., la façon dans laquelle le justiciable emploie la procédure légale en son propre nom.

Un avocat qui emploie le procédure de la même manière au nom de son client ne sera pas déclaré « fou ». Au lieu de cela, la cour regardera pour voir si le « client » de l’avocat est « fou » afin de blâmer les actions de l’avocat sur le client « fou ».  C’est un principe de base dans le système juridique au Québec que les avocats qui représentent les tiers ne doivent pas être déclarés « fous ».

Cependant, les justiciables non représentés (par avocat) sont considérés comme étant probablement  fous.  Les justiciables ne se soumettent pas à une évaluation psychiatrique, et les juges n’ont aucune qualifications en psychiatrie. Néanmoins, les juges émettent des « déclarations judiciaires de la folie » publiquement, qui alors sont publiées comme « jurisprudence », y compris en ligne, annonçant au monde qu’un certain justiciable a été déclaré officiellement mentalement malade par un juge (sans qualifications pour le faire).

Yves-Marie Morissette est l’homme qui a installé cette politique dans le système juridique du Québec.  Le but ultime de la politique est d’autoriser les juges en fin de compte d’ordonner l’arrestation au civil et le dopage forcé des justiciables judciairement declarés « fous ».

L’avocat Morissette a déjà choisi la drogue à être employée :  la même drogue utilisée par les Soviétiques pour torturer les dissidents politiques.

La drogue n’a aucune propriété curative.  En fait elle endommage le cerveau.  D’ailleurs, elle est employée dans le serrage des animaux sauvages afin de les abasourdir pour le transport de masse.

Bienvenue au Québec.

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The social tyranny of extorting recantation, of ostracism and virtual outlawry as the new means of coercing the man out of line, is the negation of democracy.

— Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand of the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Bar Review (CBR)
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"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" — Juvénal, Satires, VI, 346.  En français : « Qui nous protègera contre ceux qui nous protègent ? »  In English: " Who will protect us from those who protect us? "

 — Mauro Cappelletti dans Louis Favoreu (dir.), Le pouvoir des juges, Paris, Economica, 1990, p. 115.
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Yves-Marie Morissette's Poster Boy for 'Legalizing' Chemical Lobotomies: Valéry Fabrikant

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“In public regulation of this sort there is no such thing as absolute and untrammelled ‘discretion’, that is that action can be taken on any ground or for any reason that can be suggested to the mind of the administrator; no legislative Act can, without express language, be taken to contemplate an unlimited arbitrary power exercisable for any purpose, however capricious or irrelevant, regardless of the nature or purpose of the statute. Fraud and cor­ruption in the Commission may not be mentioned in such statutes but they are always implied as exceptions. ‘Discretion’ necessarily implies good faith in discharging public duty; there is always a perspective within which a statute is intended to operate; and any clear departure from its lines or objects is just as objectionable as fraud or corruption.”

— Mr. Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand writing in the most memorable passage in Roncarelli v. Duplessis, [1959] S.C.R. 121 at the Supreme Court of Canada, page 140.
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Fears are mounting that the psychiatrist Anatoly Koryagin is near to death in the notorious jail of Christopol in central Russia. Letters that have reached the West from his wife and a friend indicate that he is so weak that unless he is given expert medical care he could die at any time. Dr. Koryagin has been in prison for the last four years for actively opposing the political abuse of psychiatry. The abuse takes the form of labeling dissidents as mad and forcibly treating them with drugs in mental hospitals.   ― Peter B. Reddaway, "The Case of Dr. Koryagin", October 10, 1985 issue of The New York Times Review of Books
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“Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule.”

— “The Education of an Organizer”, p. 75, Rules for Radicals, A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Random House, New York, 1971.

I am no fan of Saul Alinsky's whose methods are antidemocratic and unparliamentary. But since we are fighting a silent war against the subversive Left, I say, if it works for them, it will work for us. Bring on the ridicule!  And in this case, it is richly deserved by the congeries of judicial forces wearing the Tweedle suits, and by those who are accurately conducting our befuddled usurpers towards the Red Dawn.

— Admin, Judicial Madness, 22 March 2016.
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