Quebec Press and Media Are Instilling a Soviet Mentality of Fear and Repression in Quebec to Silence Political and Personal Freedom

We are descending into the Soviet system at a rapid clip with the aid of unscrupulous or uncritical press. In an outrageous item in the leftist French-language Le Devoir daily paper of 16 January 2016, citizens who “complain” to their elected representatives are duly “warned”. The title of the article reads [translation]:

Warning to professional complainers. “Unreasonable” citizens make life hard for public agencies

“Unreasonable” is apparently Fortier’s euphemism for “mentally deranged”.

Fortier’s warning predicts imminent danger if the citizen takes too active a part in local or national politics, or over-criticizes his political elites, i.e., in the natural course of supposed self-government. It echoes the 2008 views of psychiatrist Dr. Jacques Gagnon in his article, “Querulousness“, plagiarized from Yves-Marie Morissette and published as part of a “Dossier” in the March 2008 issue of Le Spécialiste, under the cover story: EXTREME BEHAVIOR (see the pink label in the sidebar).  In his item, Gagnon defined the alleged mental illness of the “professional complainer”, as Fortier would call him, like this:

“La quérulence, d’abord un comportement social se manifestant par l’usage abusif des tribunaux, est explicable par le profil psychologique de la personne. Par extension, on peut y inclure des comportements similaires se manifestant hors du processus judiciaire ; par exemple, des revendications auprès d’instances administratives ou politiques.”

“Querulousness, as a social behavior manifested by the abusive use of the court system, can be explained by the person’s psychological profile. By extension, we can include similar behaviors that take place outside the judicial process: for example, claims made to administrative or political authorities

Fortier’s “warning” also reflects the totalitarian sentiments of Yves-Marie Morissette who probably didn’t think it was a “slip” when he noted in “Some Reflections” that Club Juridique, a gathering of self-represented litigants organized by a controversial ex-lawyer, had a “quite heavily visited” internet portal. “Which,” Morissette then said:

“illustre une nouvelle fois les effets imprévisibles de la liberté d’expression.

“once again illustrates the unforeseeable effects of freedom of expression.”

Fortier’s threat to the citizen critical of his government also echoes the Communist views of the Parti Québécois in the 1972 party manifesto which identifies western notions of individual liberty as the “fox in the henhouse”, and plans their “extirpation” (p. 37). Said the Parti Québécois in this unabashedly frank exposé written for the far-left wing of this far-left party:

Il faut extirper autant et aussi vite que possible, cette fausse idée de la liberté individuelle, qui n’aboutit en pratique qu’à la liberté du renard dans le poulailler, du fort aux dépens du faible, du gros aux dépens du petit, et qu’on reconnaît dans la plupart des refrains qui chantent les attraits les plus douteux du statu quo.

It is necessary to extirpate as much and as rapidly as possible, this false idea of individual liberty, which in practice is tantamount to the liberty of the fox in the henhouse, of the strong at the expense of the weak, of the large at the expense of the small, and which one recognizes in the majority of refrains which extol the most dubious attractions of the status quo.

You can download a free exclusive English translation of the manifesto in the sidebar at CANADA: How The Communists Took Control (see the blue lightning).

Subservience of the press and media to penetrating dictatorship is a part of the process of Sovietization.

Soviet mentality. Soviet mental illness. Soviet solutions to shut people up: label them and drug them! The fear of being labeled will spread silence to quell opposition. The outcome will be a Soviet system.

People ought to stand up to these press and political tyrants. A few do, but too few. The prevailing attitude seems marked by a vicious pleasure of the “little many” in pinning down some state-authorized victim deserving of mass abuse. For the state itself makes him larger than life in order to make the real victim, which is Liberty, a clear target.

Unfortunately, much of the public bleating is in tune with the media pipers’ prevailing attack upon the citizens on behalf of government. Did occupants of the USSR under Stalin or under the Terror waged by the Cheka, more eagerly denounce their own neighbors? Who will collect his 30 pieces of silver? Who will scurry to “save himself” from the dawning Terror at the expense of others? The louder Quebec commenters agree with our corrupted, ignorant press, the less will they be associated (or, perhaps they hope) with these press-ordained social outcasts who have dared to express views contrary to official state-sanctioned views. (Sanction is an odd word which contains two opposites, both “approve” and “penalize”.)  In fact, the scurrier himself ushers in the Terror because he scurries. The anxiously nodding commenters inevitably induce the Terror. They are its necessary engine; without them, the Terror cannot rise.

A Free Press

The function of the western journalist in a free society is to represent the interests of the people and protect their rights, in particular against their overbearing governments.

The function of a journalist is to exercise his own free speech in defense of that of the citizens by exposing fact and truth when these conflict with official proclamations.

However, the frightening stupidity of the average journalist today, who uncritically protects the government, regurgitating Soviet-style propaganda, is merely illustrated by Marco Fortier of Le Devoir in his article of 16 January 2016 entitled “Alerte aux plaignards professionnels:  Les citoyens «déraisonnables» font la vie dure aux organismes publics”.

Fortier is not the representative of the people, the Fifth Estate without which democracy fails, but a totalitarian mouthpiece for state propaganda against the citizens. Or rather, that is to say, the mouthpiece for those who compose the shadow organizers behind the State, who seize it from below and who corrupt it for their own use. In that league we have men such as Yves-Marie Morissette and the Doctor Quacks who follow him about, pumping their bellows while replicating his dicta.

Fortier has aimed his slanted boot not at the assertion of the existence and alleged scope of “querulousness” as an apparently now widespread “mental disorder” (in his early articles 20 years ago, Morissette admitted the “phenomenon” was “rather rare”), but at the new low man on the socialist totem pole. Fortier’s target is the ordinary citizen writing to his elected member, or, even worse, who has the gall to represent himself at court without a lawyer.

But Fortier is not alone at the wrecking site of civilization. Ugly declarations in the general and legal press abound, such as “Querulents… we all know one!” (Le Journal, Barreau du Québec, June 2006, p. 5). The “rather rare” phenomenon alleged by Morissette is now an epidemic?  How did that happen?  Could it be the epidemic is an illusion, the consequence of unethical battles for an audience, each press or media item attempting to best the other by means of escalating sensationalism?  Are we reading mainstream press and academic journals, or are our pundits increasingly debauched by a taste for yellow journalism?

The obedient “psychophants” of arbitrary power — like law student Rémi Danylo — enforce the new system in articles such as the latter’s “Portrait of the Querulous Litigant“. A portrait, frankly, of a beast that has yet to be captured in a single solid case in Quebec. Yet his hypothetical existence looms ever larger and ever more violent in the competing columns of the law journals, the print and digital “news” papers, the blogs of those seeking clicks for their AdSense embeds. The whole dangerous exercise recalls the wild pursuit of a fictional animal in Lewis Carroll’s cautionary tale, “The Hunting of the Snark”.

The consequence of this anti-democratic trend, in the shape of a public press campaign against self-determination, can only be to clamp a chill on all freedom of opinion.

When “warnings” are issued as newspaper headlines replicated a million times against those who dare to express themselves, surely all will think twice before doing so. For, to speak is to risk Fortier’s label: the “professional complainer”. Debate will thus end before it begins.

In the shadow cast by this public demonization lurks the plan of Yves-Marie Morissette and his fascist allies:  a surprise arrest in the night, followed by Soviet-style chemical indictment. Not only for the pro se litigant, but also the “professional complainer” in every realm of life. The man “alone” at court is but the first target, the pretext to depose the citizen and “legalize” the coming Terror.

As Alexander Podrabinek said, when speaking in An Address to the Psychiatric Community in 1988 from a videotape aired in Moscow, (translated by Andrew Meier):

In the last two years there’s been a sharp decrease in the number of judicial trials that have led to the committal to “ordinary” or “special” (i.e. high-security) psychiatric hospitals of healthy, or perhaps unhealthy, citizens, on political grounds. That there are fewer trials no one, I think, will dispute. But at the same time, there are still many people in the ordinary psychiatric hospitals.

But not only our courts will be cleared of the clutter of inconvenient litigants acting without lawyers; the streets of the City will be cleared of inconvenient political opponents. Opposition being silenced by fear of stigma and then by fear of drugs, the multi-party opposition will be “neutralized”, and the pillars of the free state based on free public opinion will sink in the collapsing ruins of our once-free institutions.

If the Soviet system is to permanently take over Quebec, which it long ago penetrated in order to run its referendums of 1980 and 1995, it must crush the citizen before the tanks move in.

It must liquidate self-confidence and curiosity, indoctrinate the masses with a fear of getting out of line. It must demoralize, confuse and corrupt the people: turn them against each other in mutual contempt. Thus will the Red Regime, increasingly visible now in the wings, harness the press-created hatred of the people for themselves to the purpose of bringing to birth the fascist World State.

Our press are paving the way for the overthrow of the country by subverting the spirit of its inhabitants.

Random Quote

The social tyranny of extorting recantation, of ostracism and virtual outlawry as the new means of coercing the man out of line, is the negation of democracy.

— Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand of the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Bar Review (CBR)
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 — Mauro Cappelletti dans Louis Favoreu (dir.), Le pouvoir des juges, Paris, Economica, 1990, p. 115.
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— Mr. Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand writing in the most memorable passage in Roncarelli v. Duplessis, [1959] S.C.R. 121 at the Supreme Court of Canada, page 140.
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— “The Education of an Organizer”, p. 75, Rules for Radicals, A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Random House, New York, 1971.

I am no fan of Saul Alinsky's whose methods are antidemocratic and unparliamentary. But since we are fighting a silent war against the subversive Left, I say, if it works for them, it will work for us. Bring on the ridicule!  And in this case, it is richly deserved by the congeries of judicial forces wearing the Tweedle suits, and by those who are accurately conducting our befuddled usurpers towards the Red Dawn.

— Admin, Judicial Madness, 22 March 2016.
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