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The slideshow:  Kidnapped into a psych ward by laughing police, unknown to captors, the victim had a camera.  These are real shots from inside a real hospital in LaSalle, Quebec.  The male nurse in the photos attempted to murder the “patient” with a huge potassium pill (that the victim refused) after faking a second set of blood results alleging low potassium, when the first set had been correct, reporting potassium was actually high.  After the first set of blood-work, the male nurse screamed into the victim’s face, “You’re supposed to be dead!”  That must have given him the idea for the second set of blood-work, necessarily forged to pretend the intended victim’s potassium was low.  A potassium overdose would have triggered heart failure.  LaSalle was a step on the way to a high security lunatic asylum for a three-week workover.  The victim was indomitable; and was thrown onto the street by the looney bin itself, with a single bus ticket.

This is a very old web site.  The “star” of the site, Yves-Marie Morissette, is now a Quebec Court of Appeal Judge (horror of horrors).  He now looks more like his caricature here at Judicial Madness, and our web site title is all the more appropriate since the diabolical Morissette is now on the bench.

The research began around 1998.  The site went online around 2015.  The site author has a number of blogs, all political, all controversial, and they have all been taken offline more often than not.  Paid hosts, free hosts, they all either vandalize the sites and/or destroy the hosting accounts.

Judicial Madness has been online as an HTML site at Netlify.  Converting the wordpress to HTML was my only method years ago for keeping the site up in at least some form.  But I could not update it.  Now, in 2022, it’s back!  I have a new web host … who like all the others may also want to cancel the account … but I have found a way to preserve my sites against vandalism.  I have put all my web sites into XAMPP in “localhost” on a 2TB external hard drive connected to my own laptop.  I develop the sites in localhost, and put them online with All-in-One WP Migration plugin by ServMask, pro edition.  It’s the only one I’ve found that works really well and easily back and forth between local host and online.

If another hosts vandalizes or cuts me offline, I will just re-upload the original site in perfect condition from the All-In-One backups made of the originals in localhost.  If harassment ensues to cancel the account, all of my sites are ready and up-to-date to go up elsehwere.

In addition, I have duplicate web sites.  I am putting one set online as .com and another set online as .net or similar, whatever is available.

About JUDICIAL MADNESS.  Again, this is a very old web site.  I regret that I have not got the time right now to re-read it, and to update the legal situation.  The top menu was never completed, and I have not had a chance to update it.

But at least this gives you the basics, and you can update the subject matter for yourself.  All the best of luck with your legal challenges!

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The social tyranny of extorting recantation, of ostracism and virtual outlawry as the new means of coercing the man out of line, is the negation of democracy.

— Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand of the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Bar Review (CBR)
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"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" — Juvénal, Satires, VI, 346.  En français : « Qui nous protègera contre ceux qui nous protègent ? »  In English: " Who will protect us from those who protect us? "

 — Mauro Cappelletti dans Louis Favoreu (dir.), Le pouvoir des juges, Paris, Economica, 1990, p. 115.
Le Spécialiste DOSSIER: Extreme Behavior
Yves-Marie Morissette's Poster Boy for 'Legalizing' Chemical Lobotomies: Valéry Fabrikant

Yves-Marie Morissette's Poster Boy for 'Legalizing' Chemical Lobotomies: Valéry Fabrikant

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Judicial Declarations of Madness in Quebec Courts
On the “Rule of Law”
“In public regulation of this sort there is no such thing as absolute and untrammelled ‘discretion’, that is that action can be taken on any ground or for any reason that can be suggested to the mind of the administrator; no legislative Act can, without express language, be taken to contemplate an unlimited arbitrary power exercisable for any purpose, however capricious or irrelevant, regardless of the nature or purpose of the statute. Fraud and cor­ruption in the Commission may not be mentioned in such statutes but they are always implied as exceptions. ‘Discretion’ necessarily implies good faith in discharging public duty; there is always a perspective within which a statute is intended to operate; and any clear departure from its lines or objects is just as objectionable as fraud or corruption.”

— Mr. Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand writing in the most memorable passage in Roncarelli v. Duplessis, [1959] S.C.R. 121 at the Supreme Court of Canada, page 140.
Random Quote
Fears are mounting that the psychiatrist Anatoly Koryagin is near to death in the notorious jail of Christopol in central Russia. Letters that have reached the West from his wife and a friend indicate that he is so weak that unless he is given expert medical care he could die at any time. Dr. Koryagin has been in prison for the last four years for actively opposing the political abuse of psychiatry. The abuse takes the form of labeling dissidents as mad and forcibly treating them with drugs in mental hospitals.   ― Peter B. Reddaway, "The Case of Dr. Koryagin", October 10, 1985 issue of The New York Times Review of Books
"If we were lawyers, this would be billable time."
A Word on Caricature
“Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule.”

— “The Education of an Organizer”, p. 75, Rules for Radicals, A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Random House, New York, 1971.

I am no fan of Saul Alinsky's whose methods are antidemocratic and unparliamentary. But since we are fighting a silent war against the subversive Left, I say, if it works for them, it will work for us. Bring on the ridicule!  And in this case, it is richly deserved by the congeries of judicial forces wearing the Tweedle suits, and by those who are accurately conducting our befuddled usurpers towards the Red Dawn.

— Admin, Judicial Madness, 22 March 2016.
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